Designate your chances of winning by a percentage. The more confident you are, the more you increase the percentage. For example, FC Barcelona can have 80% on a win against the bottom of the ranking.Assign a percentage for your bets, for example a limit of 5% maximum of your total balance for a bet.

Best Usages

Use the following mathematical formula to find the right amount to bet: Bet X% of confidence / 100. The result of the calculation corresponds to the wagering limit that you must bet on this match. (Example: 5 x 80/100 = 4. Four, is the amount of your bet for a prudent bet).

You are surely on 먹튀 site, because you want to win money through sports betting. After the legislation and the odds online, our guide will now guide you to the best possibility of betting online. Which one will make you win more money for sure? There is not really one superior to the other, but we advise you to choose a type of bet according to your level. From simple betting to handicap, via the handset, you will know all the secrets of the different possibilities that bookmakers offer you. As a beginner, start with a bet of your level. Depending on your experience, you will be able to try more precise bets. From the simplest to the most complicated, a bet will always bring you profits if you follow your limits and our techniques. After reading this page, you will no longer be able to make the wrong choice, head for victory.

Start with simple bets

Can we still consider you as beginners, knowing that you have already read all of our advice and basic information about sports betting? You are now connoisseurs and that is why you must now start your first bet on an online betting site.

For a first prognosis on sport, we recommend a simple bet. The name of the word is quite correct, since you will not find any more simplistic bet than this one. On your online coupon, simply choose your favorite and click on its rating to place your bet. 1 bet only, but therefore more likely to win for sure.

In a single bet, you win: your bet x the odds

If the simple bets tire you, do not hesitate to use the handset which is hardly more complicated. Indeed, it is the same system except that you will be able to select as many meetings as you want. The odds multiply among themselves. Be careful though, because with a large number of bets, you are much more likely to lose. This is why, to reap long-term profits, at the beginning, single bets are preferable. Also keep in mind that a forecast can be canceled by a bookmaker. Know these cancellation conditions to avoid unpleasant surprises to start.

Growing up with more complex bets

Some bettors are already ahead and are determined to win many more challenges. In order to develop your betting possibilities, you can leave single bets aside for many other options offered by bookmakers such as double chance bets.